1st Jean Hanson Keynote Lecture

Prof Malcolm Irving FRS

Randall Centre for Cell and Molecular Biophysics, BHF Centre of Research Excellence, King’s College London, London, UK

Keynote Lecture

Prof Jil C. Tardiff

Sarver Heart Center, Department of Medicine, University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ, USA

Keynote Lecture

Prof Nadia Rosenthal

The Jackson Laboratory, Bar Harbor, ME, USA and NHLI, Imperial College London, ICTEM, London, UK


Muscle: Juvenile (Young Investigators’ Symposium)

Muscle: Mechanics

Muscle: Close-up

Muscle: Cytoskeleton

Muscle: Mechanobiology

Muscle: Outside-in

Muscle: Skeletal

Muscle: Heart







Saturday 7 September 2019


Young Investigator Symposium


(organised by Neil KAD & Luca FUSI)


12-12.15: Welcome and Coffee


12.15-13.45: Session I (chaired by David WARSHAW)


12.15: Pragati PANDEY (Imperial College London, UK): Engineered Heart Tissue for Cardiac Regeneration


12.30: Matthew STROUD (King’s College London, UK): Establishing new role(s) for the nuclear envelope in the mammalian heart


12.45: Natalie WEBER (Hannover Medical School, Germany): Pluripotent stem cell-derived cardiomyocytes from a patient with Arg723Gly β- myosin heavy chain mutation as model for Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy?


13.00: Aseem SALHOTRA (Linnaeus University, Sweden): Actin-myosin function and longevity in nano devices


13.15: Tatiana MYACHINA (Institute of Immunology and Physiology of the Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia): Interventricular differences in contractile function in experimental type 1 diabetes


13.30: Alyssa GROGAN (University of Maryland, Baltimore, USA): Expression of truncated obscurins leads to maladaptove responses in the heart


13.45-14.00: Coffee Break


14.00-15.30: Session II (chaired by Chiara TESI)


14.00: Martijn van de LOCHT (Amsterdam UMC, Netherlands): Mutations in fast skeletal troponin C (TNNC2) cause contractile dysfunction


14.15: Irene PERTICI (University of Florence, Italy): A synthetic nanomachine (Myomac) used to define the functional diversity of muscle myosin isoforms


14.30: André TOMALKA (University of Stuttgart, Germany): Differences between cardiac and skeletal musculature: eccentric force generation and muscle structure


14.45: Stefan CONIJN (Amsterdam UMC, Netherlands): Mutation in KBTBD13 causes stiffening of thin filaments in skeletal muscle


15.00: Chloe JOHNSON (University of Kent, UK): Making a human myosin behave like a rat


15.15: Jishnu KRISHNAN (University of Alaska Fairbanks, USA): Effects of diet and hypothermia on skeletal muscle contractile function in hibernating animals


15.30-15.45: Coffee Break


15.45-16.45: Careers Session


15.45: David WARSHAW


15.55: Katja GEHMLICH


16.05: Panel Discussion



















Saturday 7 September 2019


Main Conference


17.00: Welcome session: Elisabeth EHLER and Michael GEEVES


17.30-18.30: 1st Jean Hanson Keynote Lecture: Prof Malcolm IRVING FRS (Randall Centre for Cell and Molecular Biophysics, King’s College London, UK): Regulation of myosin motors in skeletal muscle and in the heart


18.30: Welcome drinks


Sunday 8 September 2019:


SESSION I: Muscle - Mechanics


Session Chairs: Michael GEEVES & Michael REGNIER


9.00-9.30: Michael REGNIER (University of Washington, USA): Motivating Myosin: 2-deoxy-ATP Induced Structural Alterations that Increase Myosin Activity


9.30-10.00: James SPUDICH (Stanford University, USA): The myosin mesa and hypertrophic cardiomyopathy: Mutations to mechanisms to therapies


10.00-10.15: John SQUIRE (University of Bristol & Imperial College, UK): The T1 curve of Huxley and Simmons (1971) reassessed.


10.15-10.30: Massimo RECONDITI (University of Florence, Italy): Low temperature traps myosin motors of mammalian muscle in a state that prevents activation


10.30-11.15: Coffee Break


11.15-11.30: Luca FUSI (King’s College London, UK): The role of stretch-induced structural changes of the thick filaments in length-dependent activation in cardiac muscle


11.30-11.45: Chiara TESI (University of Florence, Italy): Time resolved depression of isometric force by Mavacamten in single myofibrils from rabbit psoas and human cardiac muscle


11.45-12.00: Oleg MATUSOVSKY (McGill University, Canada): Dynamics of cardiac thin filaments upon Ca2+ activation and heavy meromyosin binding revealed by high-speed atomic force microscopy


12.00-12.10: Alf MÅNSSON (Linnaeus University, Sweden): Effects of inorganic phosphate on muscle contraction - a case where either model or experiments may be right


12.10-12.20: Brian MacINTOSH (University of Calgary, Canada): Does Ca2++ sensitivity increase during staircase with intermittent submaximal tetanic contractions?


12.20-12.30: Seong-won HAN (University of Calgary, Canada): Does the amount of stretching affect residual force enhancement in cardiac myofibrils?



12.30-13.30: Sandwich Lunch


SESSION II: Muscle - Close-up



Session Chairs: Michelle PECKHAM & Gregory ALUSHIN


13.30-14.00: Michelle PECKHAM (University of Leeds, UK): Using novel super-resolution imaging approaches to investigate protein organisation in the Z-disc in cardiomyocytes


14.00-14.30: Gregory ALUSHIN (The Rockefeller University, USA): Myosin XV modulates F-actin structure to promote filament polymerization and stereocilium elongation


14.30-15.00: Coffee Break


15.00-15.15: Pauline BENNETT (King’s College London, UK): Locating titin on the muscle thick filament


15.15-15.30: Izzy JAYASINGHE (University of Leeds, UK): Super-resolution 3D mapping of site-specific phosphorylation signatures of ryanodine receptors in the healthy and failing heart


15.30-15.45: Steven MARSTON (Imperial College London, UK): Molecular dynamics simulations of cardiac troponin show that phosphorylation stabilizes the ‘open’state and that mutations disrupt this relationship


15.45-16.00: Coen OTTENHEIJM (VUMC Amsterdam, Netherlands): Localisation of individual nebulin molecules in sarcomeres of nebulin-DENDRA2 KI mice




16.00-17.00: Keynote Lecture: Prof Jil TARDIFF (Sarver Heart Center, University of Arizona, USA): Walking a Thin Line:  Intrinsic and Extrinsic Modulators of Cardiac Thin Filament Function in Health and Disease



17.00-18.00: Annual General Meeting of European Society of Muscle Research (Wolfgang LINKE)




Poster session 1


18.00-20.00: I, II, III, VI (Beer & Wine)




Monday 9 September 2019:



SESSION III: Muscle - Cytoskeleton


Session Chairs: Martina KRÜGER & Farah SHEIKH


9.00-9.30: Farah SHEIKH (UCSD, USA): Policing cell-cell connections: A novel role for the COP9 signalosome in arrhythmogenic heart disease


9.30-10.00: Matthew CAPORIZZO (University of Pennsylvania, USA): The pathological contribution of detyronisated microtubules to human myocardial mechanics


10.00-10.20: Wolfgang LINKE (Münster University, Germany): Re-evaluation of the contribution from titin to cardiomyocyte viscoelasticity using a mouse model that allows specific cleavage of the titin springs


10.20-10.50: Coffee break


10.50-11.10: Katja GEHMLICH (University of Birmingham, UK): Titin A178D causes cardiomyopathy in mice through loss of telethonin


11.10-11.30: Stephan LANGE (UCSD, USA): Obscurin/Obsl1 double knockouts - a new genetic model for HFpEF?


11.30-11.50: Manuel TAFT (Hannover Medical School, Germany): Myosin 18B regulates sarcomeric myosin dynamics and actin thin filament organisation during cardiac myofibril assembly


11.50-12.10: Jim SELLERS (NHLBI, NIH, USA): Mechanical properties of nonmuscle myosin 2


12.10-12.30: Alexander MATYUSHENKO (Federal Research Centre «Fundamentals Of Biotechnology» Of The Russian Academy Of Sciences, Russia): Unique properties of brain-specific tropomyosin isoforms


12.30-13.30: Sandwich Lunch


SESSION IV: Muscle - Mechanobiology



Session Chairs: Derek WARREN & Thomas ISKRATSCH


13.30-14.00: Frank SCHNORRER (Aix Marseille University, CNRS, IBDM, France): Do titins rule sarcomeres of insect muscles?


14.00-14.15: Frieder SCHÖCK (McGill University, Canada): Sarcomere growth is controlled by a finely tuned mechanism of protein aggregation


14.15-14.30: Arianna FORNILI (Queen Mary University of London, UK): In silico observation of mechanically-induced binding pockets in muscle proteins


14.30-15.00: Coffee Break


15.00-15.30: Derek WARREN (University of East Anglia, UK) Emerging regulators of vascular smooth muscle cell migration


15.30-15.45: Thomas ISKRATSCH (Queen Mary University of London, UK): Cardiomyocyte integrin mechanosignalling: Responses to a dynamic extracellular matrix in development and disease


15.45-16.00: Christopher SOLIS (University of Illinois at Chicago, USA): Sarcomere disassembly after unloading is regulated by ubiquitination and acetylation of CapZ and alpha-actinin



16.00-17.00: Keynote Lecture: Prof Nadia ROSENTHAL (The Jackson Laboratory, USA): New strategies for accelerating muscle regeneration

18.00: Departure of bus to Canterbury Cathedral (booked attendees only)

18.30: Reception followed by Conference Dinner (booked attendees only)



Tuesday 10 September 2019:


SESSION V: Muscle - Outside in


Session Chairs: Ashraf KITMITTO & Nordine HELASSA



9.00-9.30: Leonardo SACCONI (The Biophysics Biophotonics Lab, LENS, Italy): Interplay between T-Tubular electrical defects and sub-cellular alterations of calcium release in cardiac diseases


9.30-10.00: Aphrodite VASILAKI (University of Liverpool, UK): Physiological and structural changes in skeletal muscle and nerve-muscle interactions: the effects of nutrition and ageing


10.00-10.30: David WARSHAW (University of Vermont, USA): Myosin Binding Protein-C: Stepping on both the gas and brake to regulate muscle contractility


10.30-11.00: Coffee Break


11.00-11.20: Simone SPINOZZI (UCSD, USA): Nexilin is essential for cardiac T-tubules development


11.20-11.40: Vincenzo SORRENTINO (University of Siena, Italy): Homo- and heteromeric interactions determine junctophilins retention at adult skeletal muscle triads


11.40-12.00: Feliciano PROTASI (University G. d'Annunzio of Chieti-Pescara, Italy): Assembly of Ca2+ entry units provides constitutively active store-operated Ca2+ entry


12.00-12.20: Antonio MICHELUCCI (University of Rochester, USA): Muscles from calsequestrin-1 knockout mice contain pre- assembled Calcium Entry Units that provide constitutively active store-operated Ca2+ entry



12.30-13.30: Sandwich Lunch



SESSION VI: Muscle  - Skeletal



Session Chairs: Christina KARATZAFERI & John HUNT


13.30-13.35: Christina KARATZAFERI (Uuniversity of Thessaly, Greece): Introduction


13.35-13.50: John HUNT (Nottingham Trent University, UK): To repair, replace, augment and regenerate


13.50-14.00: Rokas MIKSIUNAS (Centre for Innovative Medicine, Lithuania): The effect of heat shock on myogenic differentiation of human skeletal mesenchymal stem cells


14.00-14.10: Amy PASCOE (La Trobe University, Australia): Myogenic effects of Fn14 targeting antibodies in a mouse skeletal muscle Notexin model


14.10-14.20: Antonio SPONGA (University of Vienna, Austria): Structure of alpha-actinin/FATZ-1 fuzzy complex and implications in Z-disk assembly


14.20-14.30: Robbert VAN DER PIJL (University of Arizona, USA): Molecular regulation of longitudinal muscle hypertrophy, titin mechanosensing in action


14.30-15.00: Coffee Break


15.00-15.15: Katarzyna ROBASZKIEWICZ (Kazimierz Wielki University in Bydgoszcz, Poland): Regulation of actin filament dynamics by cofilin-2 and tropomyosin isoforms Tpm1.1 and Tpm 3.12


15.15-15.30: Lars LARSSON (Karolinska Institutet, Sweden): Bench to bedside research in critical illness myopathy and ventilator induced diaphragm muscle dysfunction


15.30-15.40: Ruth ELLER (University Medicine Greifswald, Germany): Deletion of the cation channel TRPV4 attenuates fibrosis in dystrophic mdx mouse muscle


15.40-15.55: Yoshitsugu AOKI (National Center of Neurology and Psychiatry, Japan): Advanced PPMO combinations drive multi-exon skipping and dystrophin expression in dystrophic dogs


15.55-16.05: Alex ADDINSALL (Karolinska Institutet, Sweden): The reduction of selenoprotein S impairs muscle performance independent of dysregulated cellular or inflammatory stress


16.05-16.20: Hans DEGENS (Manchester Metropolitan University, UK): The role of the microcirculation in muscle function and plasticity


16.20: Closing Remarks


16.30-17.00: Dr Aida LLAURO PORTELL (LUMICKS, The Netherlands): Combining optical tweezers with fluorescence microscopy and IRM for the study of cytoskeletal processes



Poster session 2


16.30-18.00: IV, V, VII (Beer & Wine)



Wednesday 11 September 2019:


SESSION VII: Muscle - Cardiac



Session Chairs: Mathias GAUTEL & Friederike CUELLO


9.00-9.15: Roua HASSOUN (Ruhr-University Bochum, Germany): The newly detected Myosin binding protein C/Troponin interaction, function and thin filaments affected by cTn mutants


9.15-9.45: Mathias MERICSKAY (Université Paris-Saclay, France): Nicotinamide riboside metabolism and cardiac function


9.45-10.00: Maria PAPADAKI (Loyola University Chicago, USA): Molecular Mechanisms and Therapeutic Approaches to Myofilament Glycation as a result of diabetes


10.00-10.15: Veronika TIBENSKA (Charles University, Czech Republic): Effect of gradual cold acclimation on beta-adrenergic signalling in rat heart


10.15-10.30: Xenia BUTOVA (Institute of Immunology and Physiology of the Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia): A study of heterogeneity in mechanical activity of single cardiomyocytes and contractile proteins from rat atria and ventricles


10.30-11.00 Coffee Break


11.00-11.30: Thomas KAMPOURAKIS (King’s College London): Shortening-induced de-activation of the thick filaments in cardiac muscle


11.30-11.45: Paul GOLDSPINK (University of Illinois Chicago, USA): Deamidation of Asparagine14 prevents phosphorylation of human cardiac myosin light chain 2


11.45-12.00: Suman NAG (MyoKardia, USA): Phosphorylation and Binding of Ca2+ to RLC, Counters the Effect of Mavacamten by Destabilizing the Myosin Super- Relaxed State


12.00-12.15: Paul ROBINSON (University of Oxford, UK): Measurement of myofilament-localised calcium dynamics in adult cardiomyocytes to assess the effect of small molecule treatments for HCM


12.15-12.30: Elisabetta BRUNELLO (King’s College London, UK): Structural dynamics of the myosin filament during activation and relaxation of heart muscle cells



12.30: Prize Giving and Final Remarks


13.00: Sandwich Lunch